Assured Land Based Contractor

Quality control, safety, professionalism and traceability are essential elements in carrying out agricultural operations and the NAAC has taken a proactive role in establishing an independently audited quality standard for agricultural operation contractors.  This covers the quality of service which the contractor provides and is known as the NAAC Assured Land-Based Contractor Scheme.

The Scheme is designed to ensure contractors involved in agricultural operations identify the hazards and critical control points of the process.  The Scheme aims to develop the skills an operative carrying out the operation  fully understands the task and is able to show full understanding of the operation and the critical control points of that process, to include:

  • Ensuring that personnel involved in the operations are suitably skilled
  • ensuring that machinery is regularly and appropriately maintained and cleaned
  • Adopting production processes, such as record keeping, which ensures full traceability
  • Identifying and controlling hazards which might occur