NAAC Members


Code of Conduct

With fierce competition within the contracting sectors, it is essential that NAAC members can prove their professionalism and the NAAC Code of Conduct leads the way in trying to ensure that customers get the level of service they deserve.

The Code is based on legal and professional requirements and it provides the basis for conditions of membership of the NAAC.  The Code is designed to promote professionalism amongst NAAC contractor members, encouraging a high standard of working practice within the industry, but it also aims to provide guidelines on best practice.

Why Employ an NAAC Contractor?

  • NAAC members are kept up-to-date with ever-changing legislation and industry requirements
  • All NAAC members are covered by an approved level of insurance, giving you peace of mind
  • You can be assured that all NAAC members have the necessary legal and technical support
  • NAAC members are supported in developing their health and safety responsibilities
  • NAAC members are fully informed of the new technology affecting their industry as well as the latest training and educational opportunities
  • Members operate within professional guidelines
  • All members are approved by NAAC Council before joining